Just my Annie and me

So, hello. This is my first official blog on my new website. I’ve been blogging and sharing photos and stories on Instagram (@myannieandme) regularly since my daughter Annie was born in March of this year.

For my first post I wanted to speak openly about being a single parent. This isn’t something I’ve shared publicly before, but think it’s important to acknowledge as this is who I am. I’m incredibly proud to call myself a single mum.

Since the day Annie was born people have often said to me “I don’t know how you do it”. Neither do I and I am the daughter of one. And, no I don’t need a medal for what I’m doing. Parenting is hard full stop, no matter what your circumstances, and I don’t need any extra points for those keeping score.

I just know that life in a single-parent family is a unique experience – hard, frightening and overwhelming. It requires superhuman levels of organisation, patience, and utter exhaustion. And love. So much love.

For those that have followed my story on Instagram you’ll know that I lost my mum to cancer 3 years ago. I think being the daughter of a full-time-working single mum made some of the best bits of me – strength, independence and a profound closeness with her. I was, and always will be, very proud of her. So, now that I’m also doing it on my own I think I can also be proud of myself.

I’m really excited to be sharing this official blog. I’m also super excited to be launching my new business and over the coming days and weeks I’ll be telling you more about it.

For now, hello and welcome to myannieandme blog!


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