New business venture


Well, today has been awfully dull and depressing. It’s the day before most kids go back to school and as a lot of my friends/family members are teachers I feel like I’ve some how caught the Sunday blues, like its some kind of infectious disease. Everyone is just a little bit down. It’s the end of the summer and it’s back to the grind. Not for me of course, but I feel every body else’s pain. Haha.

Today I’ve been trying to make some progress with the business planning. This is my new business venture which I’m really excited about but there’s a tonne of work to do and I have very little spare time. After all I have a very needy six month old baby attached to me/ requiring my constant, undivided attention.

So, to tell you a little about it… My new business is Annie Evelyn (named in honour of my daughter) and it’s a baby box subscription company for new mums and their babies.

What makes Annie Evelyn unique is that our boxes are full of products created by other small businesses based in the U.K, in particular businesses run by other entrepreneurial mums juggling babies and business.

We send our subscribers milestone boxes throughout the first year of their baby’s life, with the aim of making those first months extra special for both parent and baby.

Subscribers will be sent a baby box every three months, each box will be appropriately designed for their baby’s age and development.

At the moment I’m busy researching UK online businesses selling luxury baby products and scoping out what I’d like each box to feature. There are so many wonderful, unique products available through online small businesses that you just can’t find on the high street, and I can’t wait to collaborate with some of these companies and start putting together these gorgeous boxes.

I’m currently working with a designer on some brand/ logo ideas and I’m really excited to share the final logo design.

The most important part is that I will be looking for a number of mums-to-be to sample my boxes free of charge and write some online reviews. Will talk about this more again but if you know anyone who is currently pregnant and due to give birth in early/mid 2018 then I’d be interested to hear from you.


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