Weaning mess. OCD or is it just me?

IMG_8090So let’s talk about weaning. Specifically the mess that comes with weaning a baby.

I’m wondering if all mums struggle with this or whether is it just me. It’s an adjustment. Little over a month ago I had a nice clean baby. Perhaps occasionally a little bit of sick to clean up, or indeed a poop explosion, but on the whole I nice clean baby.

Now? Food everywhere. All over her, all over me, all over the furniture, all over my floor. Just all over. And it’s three times a day. You’ve only just got everything cleaned up and you’re starting the whole process again. I’m using five million baby wipes at every meal time.

There’s just literally no way of keeping the mess contained. She’s grabbing for the spoon, shovelling food into her mouth (and into her nappy?!) with her hands. She’s spitting bits of purée left right and centre. (And why does all baby food seem to be different shades of orange?!) She’s having a blast. Meal times for Annie are party time. And I love to see her enjoying her food. I really do.

But there’s an OCD part of me that is struggling to adjust. Every meal time mummy has to deal with the aftermath. The clear up.  As she’s creating the mess I’m having a teeny tiny mini meltdown in my head.

You’re probably reading this thinking “this mummy needs to relax”. You probably think I’m being too uptight and you’re right I am. But I’ve never liked mess. I don’t enjoy messy play and this is a real adjustment for me.

But I want my baby to enjoy her meal times and I’m determined to not let this OCD/ particularness ruin my baby’s fun. I’ve started stripping her down to her nappy so I’m not worrying about stained clothes and I’m *trying* to relax and let it go. After all, it doesn’t really matter if she makes mess does it? Yes it’s more work for me, and yes it stains clothes and the furniture but my baby’s nutritional health is much more important. And making mealtimes fun and messy is important for baby’s development.

So, you enjoy yourself Annie. Do your worst. Mummy will cope. Somehow.



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