Baby free, guilt free?

IMG_8110This post is dedicated to my lovely friend Vicky who’s just turned 33. Yes 33. I could barely cope with turning 30. And now all of a sudden, in a flash, we’re all starting to enter our mid-thirties and it’s all rather terrifying.

As I’ve just had a baby, I’ve told Vicky, my fellow single friend, that for the foreseeable future I’ll be living my life precariously through her. Having a baby restricts being able to date or indeed entertain the idea of dating so I’m looking to Vicky to step up and keep me entertained with tales of drunken antics, dating and flirting. And she doesn’t disappoint. Her life is brilliantly entertaining and she’s having so much fun at the moment. I’m somewhat envious actually. She’s taken mid-thirties by the balls and she’s running with it.

Last night I had my first night out since Annie was born. See photo above. And it was fun. It was so nice to just be OUT. To have adult conversation without it being constantly interrupted by baby’s demands, and actually to just talk and laugh about other non-baby related things.

It wasn’t easy getting out. Trying to get ready alongside baby’s bedtime routine is rather nightmarish. But I managed and I think I scrubbed up well! Now that I’ve done it once I think it’s made me realise that it’s time to start making a bit of time for me. Even if it’s just one night a month. It gives me something to look forward to, a focus, and motivation to get myself through those difficult days.

It’s never easy leaving your child and I’m not quite sure I’ll ever have a guilt free night out again (?) but ultimately I believe it’s healthy to have time away from your baby and be yourself again.

This morning I’m hang over free having only had 3/4 glasses of prosecco. But I’m tired. I was home by midnight, but by the time I’d sterilised bottles and got myself sorted it was 1am before I got to bed. And then Annie was awake at 2am for a feed and up at 6am. So an early night for me tonight, to catch up. But however tired I am it was totally worth it to spend quality time with my friends.


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