Mummy is a coffee shop-aholic

I think that can be said for most new mums on maternity leave, right? Quite literally I spend my entire life in coffee shops and it’s a little out of control.

It started as soon as Annie was born. I desperately needed to get out of the house, find solice in a public, yet breastfeeding friendly, place and coffee shops became my go-to-place. It offered me the perfect environment as a new mum. Busy coffee shops offer the perfect white noise for newborns and I found Annie slept better in noisy places. Secondly it offered me a chance to people watch and surround myself with people, therefore feel slightly less lonely. Thirdly, of course, coffee shops gave me surplus amounts of caffeine and broke up my aimless walks with a baby and buggy.

Six months down the line and I still spend a rest ridiculous amount of time in coffee shops. In fact if a day doesn’t involve popping into one I consider it most unusual. These days they’re much more sociable outings. I’ve made lots of mummy friends and it’s a place I often meet them to talk baby sleep, baby routines, baby weaning and so on. We bounce our babies on our knees, sip our coffee, eat our cake and put the world to rights. It’s quite nice really. Of course we could just sit in each other’s houses and drink coffee or tea for free but where’s the fun in that?

But it is getting out of control and I do need to rein myself in. First of all coffee isn’t cheap. Nor is cake. I’m crippling myself financially with this coffee shop lifestyle. Also by breaking up my “cardio” walks by stopping for coffee it pretty much cancels out the cardio. Because let’s be honest. Most of the time it’s not just a coffee, it’s a cake too.

So, I’m going to make a conscious effort to cut down the coffee shop pit stops. It’s a must. Yes, everybody loves a coffee shop, in fact we’ve become a nation of coffee shop lovers, but this momma needs to stop. I’m cutting myself down to four coffee shop outings a week only. And yes that’s me being restrained.

But guess where I’m meeting a mummy friend tomorrow? Yes a coffee shop. Oops I’ve fallen at the very first hurdle.


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