The roll and flip game and treasure basket fun

So, when did my daughter become stronger than me? I can, literally, no longer restrain her. Every single nappy change, or every time I try to dress/ undress her, we have the same battle. The battle of wills, of strength and determination. This child does not want to stay on her back and every single time we play the same tedious game. The roll and flip game: She rolls onto her front, I flip her back, she rolls, I flip, she rolls, I flip. And so on. You get the drift.

At first I found it funny but now I just find it frustrating! It turns a 2 minute job into a 15 minute job because she will not just lay still for 2 minutes. She’s stubborn and strong willed and I love her for that but oh my god she’s bloody hard work.

Then there’s the grim reality that often nappy changes involve poo, and lots of it. So, not only are you trying to restrain your baby, you’re trying to restrain your baby and contain the poo at the same time. Every mum in the universe has this battle with their baby, right? As long as I’m not alone in this that’s perfectly ok. I’ll battle on.

In other news… Annie is finally able to use her treasure basket and she absolutely loves it. She sits on her play mat and plays endlessly with the treasure in her basket. She pulls things out, puts them in her mouth and throws them about. The level of concentration and determination on her face is fascinating to watch. Who would have thought that a baby could get so much satisfaction from these wonderfully simple household/ natural items? A wooden spoon, an egg cup holder, a shiny smooth shell, a pine cone, a set of keys. So much treasure and so many treasured moments of play with my baby.


The treasure basket was put together by my mum, and when I first opened it I felt very emotional. Just like when I opened my baby box. Mum handpicked this items knowing that they’d bring a baby lots of joy, and she was right. The past few months I’ve been adding things to it in preparation for Annie using it. The idea is that items should be swapped and changed as she gets bigger. Its fab for baby’s development and so easy to do. All you need is a wicker basket or a plastic box and to just throw some household items in there. (Obviously nothing too small that can be a choking hazard and nothing with sharp or pointy edges). But make sure there’s lots of different textures and sizes in there so your baby gets a full sensory experience!

Anyway, Annie has been in bed for over an hour. Now it’s time for a cup of tea and a catch up on Cold Feet and Doctor Foster. A blissful Sunday evening.

I hope everyone has had a wonderful weekend 🙂


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