Autumn is my saviour

The frustration and stress caused by a baby who’s got her first winter cold and refusing to eat. Isn’t it fun when they clamp their mouth shut and point blank refuse to eat anything? The amount of wasted food is heartbreaking and the number of hours I’ve been sat with Annie at her high chair trying to tempt her. Willing her to eat something!

It’s been a nightmare quite honestly. Last night she sat in her high chair and screamed for 15 minutes when I tried to feed her a spoonful of bolognese. I tried to appease her with carrot and parsnip puffs, rice pudding, petit Filous. Nothing worked. Today has been much the same.

She suffered all night long with her cold. Coughing, snuffling and wheezing. On top of that she’s also teething.

It’s frustrating and heartbreaking in equal measure. You’re finally starting to make some headway with the sleep stuff and then your baby gets a cold and stops eating and you’re back to the drawing board. Back to waking up every hour. Back to feeling like there’s not an hour in the day that you’re free of mummy duties. You no longer feel safe in the knowledge that your baby is sleeping soundly upstairs and will probably stay that way for at least 4/5 hours. You’ve regressed back to feeling on edge and feeling like at any minute the baby monitor will light up again and you’ll be back up the stairs to soothe your baby once again.

There wasn’t a moment last night where I relaxed and switched off.

She was so poorly that I was fearful of leaving her so went to bed early to lay with her. I barely slept and the sleep I did get was broken. The only way Annie would settle was in my arms and with a continuous “ssshhh sssshh” sound. She wanted to be snuggled into mummy.

Today im exhausted. Annie and I usually take a walk in the morning or afternoon but today we’ve been on two walks. Just needing to be out of the house and needing to finding some semblance of quiet and tranquility. Tiredness has made me irritable and I’ve been desperate to get some peace of mind. Plus I just love this time of year. Autumn is such a beautiful season and I love to be out in the crisper air and see all the beautiful autumnal colours.IMG_8211.JPG

When Annie is in her pram she’s chilled and quiet. I love hearing her babble but today I was thankful for the silence.

Tonight I’m hoping she eats something and sleeps better. She seems  to be perkier at least. Maybe the fresh air has done her good. It certainly helped me.




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