Mummy S.O.S

Ok, to start with a positive Annie was sat in her cot this morning and pulled herself up into a standing position! This blows my mind. I was completely shocked and panicked when it happened and at the same time was giddy with excitement. She’s a clever little monkey and I’m one proud momma.

But the last few days have been hard. Really hard. The winter cold, the teething (which has stepped up a notch in the past few days), loss of appetite and the no sleep – all combined add up to a very stressed and overwhelmed mummy.

I realised I’ve been mostly fire fighting. I’ve let the teething rule our lives.

Everybody says it’s a nightmare and wow they’re right. I was up most of the night with her last night and I spent the whole morning listening to her whinge and cry. Yes I gave her calpol, abropfren and plenty of mummy cuddles. But the whinging was constant and felt like I was losing my mind.

I made the mistake of staying in this morning to catch up on some house stuff and that was a BIG mistake. Turns out a teething baby in the confines of your own house is the worst possible thing in the world. I didn’t get any house stuff done and as a result of staying I made a tonne more mess and now my house looks like a bomb has hit it. A tail of destruction. A world wind of mess on a monumental scale. And to top it off the cleaner is on holiday this week. Brilliant.

This afternoon, to save my sanity, we ventured out to the wildlife park with a mummy friend. I traipsed Annie round the lions, polar bears and, my personal favourite the giraffes.  My friend and I walked the babies in their pushchairs and I vented. It felt good to share it with someone, with someone who could relate and has been there too. I thought I was losing my mind this morning but tonight I’ve come home with a new perspective.

Somebody said to me when I first had Annie “nothing lasts forever: the good and the bad” and they’re right. This is just a phase. Teething comes and goes and I just need to ride the storm and wait to come out the other side.

After our walk with the animals, a coffee stop and a good chat I felt like a weight had been lifted. I felt liberated and like I’d let go of the tension and stress that was building inside me.

By the time we got home Annie was a totally different baby. She was all smiles. No whinges. She even ate some dinner. A small win for mummy and baby.

Today was definitely a mummy S.O.S situation. Like all parents I sometimes feel overwhelmed. It takes hold and I feel out of control. When that happens it takes me a while to find my equilibrium again. I won’t deny that today was one of those days where I buried my head in a pillow and screamed. I think it’s ok to admit that. I think most parents have those days, right?

Sometimes all I need is someone to ask me how I am and genuinely want to hear the answer. To listen, support and advise. It makes me feel less alone in this parenting game. Today, that’s exactly what I got and it helped me immensely. I’m back on track!


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