Time to play, time away

Today has been a good day. Annie and I had a lazy morning in our pyjamas. We played endlessly: On the floor with her treasure basket , reading books, singing songs and bouncing in her jumperoo. Annie was trying her best to crawl, pulling herself up on to her hands and needs and rocking herself back and forth. It was lovely to see. I can’t help smiling at the concentration on her face and seeing the frustration in her eyes when she almost but doesn’t quite do what she wants to do. She’s a determined little lady and she keeps trying again and again.

After a leisurely lunch Annie and I got our glad rags on and went to my friend’s son’s 1st birthday party. The babies played on mats in the garden, whilst the mums ate sandwiches and drank coffee. It was nice. Last night I’d had another bad night with Annie but somehow I managed to forget all about it. In fact I felt quite refreshed and energised to say I’d been up every hour of the night comforting a teething baby.

After the birthday party we popped to the shops and I bought Annie her first Christmas presents. Just some stocking fillers. Already I’m beyond excited to have our first Christmas at home. Our first Christmas as a little family.

Tonight I’ve been OUT. Baby free for a few hours. A friend kindly offered to babysit so I could go out with another friend for dinner. I’m not going to deny that I snapped her hand off as soon as she offered.

Before I went out I fed Annie, bathed her, got her ready for bed and I actually felt relaxed leaving her with a ready made bottle. I knew my friend could handle putting her to bed. It was just a few hours but it felt good to be out in the evening, having adult conversation with no distractions. I felt, for the first time in a long time, that I could completely focus on talking and listening to my friend. So many conversations get interrupted nowadays, or I can’t completely 100% focus, which is often extremely frustrating. But that’s a typical side effect of parenthood I suppose.

Over dinner my friend was telling me about her plans to have a baby and it made me realise that everyone is so grown up all of a sudden. Adulthood seems to have creeped up on us. John Lennon famously said “life is what happens when you’re busy making other plans”. He couldn’t have been more right, could he?!

Sooner rather than later we’ll all be mummies. I’m blessed to have hugely supportive friends who don’t have children of their own yet, but soon enough they’ll be parents too and we’ll be in it together and that makes me really really happy.



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