Unsung hero

Today’s post is dedicated to my dad, who is definitely my unsung hero. In the past few months I’ve relied on him like never before and quite frankly couldn’t have done it without him.

I’m not sure I’ve always appreciated my dad and I’ve definitely taken him for granted over the years. For that I feel incredibly guilty. Especially now, since I’ve had Annie and he’s supported me so much. He’s gone out of his way to help me in a practical way, which anticipated he would, but what’s surprised me is the level of emotional support he’s offered me, in a way that I never anticipated or expected. That’s humbling and wonderful. He’s listened to me, consoled me, advised me and put up with my tears and tantrums. I don’t want to sound like a petulant child, but I have had moments where things have gotten on top of me or I’ve felt like I couldn’t cope and in those moments he’s been there and in some instances dropped everything.

He picked me up from work when I was heavily pregnant and started bleeding and drove me to the doctors. He was there when I called him in the middle of the night (when Annie was 8 weeks old) to tell him my car had been broken into and didn’t want to be alone. He was there a few days ago, on his day off, when I called him with a spider emergency (yes I have a ridiculous spider phobia).

Those little things, that actually are quite big things, when you’re partner-less and need somebody. For those things I’ll be eternally grateful.


This photo was taken this morning. Dad was entertaining Annie on the beach whilst I slurped my much needed coffee on a bench and took a few minutes to myself. It’s those precious moments, of solitude and quietness, that I appreciate more than ever. If it wasn’t for my dad those moments would be pretty much non existent.

I guess, to sum up, this is a shout out to all the unsung heros out there. The grandparents who are stepping up and supporting their children with their own children. In whatever capacity that is. I know that if my mum was here she’d be my support system, my rock, but as she can’t be here I think she’d be pretty damn proud of my dad for stepping up to the mark. Thank you dad for everything you do.


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