Tick tock the clocks go back!


So, I was reminded yesterday that this weekend the clocks go back. When I heard this piece of news my instant thought was “oh buggar will this mess Annie’s routine up?!”.

What is it with mums and routines? Sleep routines, mealtime routines, nap routines, routines routines routines. I promised myself I wasn’t going to turn into one of those mums that becomes a slave to a routine, but I have. Guilty as charged.

I’m particularly obsessed, as are many mums, with a solid bed time/ sleep routine because of, I must confess, my own selfish needs. My desperate need for baby free time in the evening and of course that illusive quest for a good night’s sleep.

So this piece of news that the clocks are going back was a little bit of a blow. I don’t want to make a drama out of a molehill here but I am somewhat annoyed that this might impact on my darling child’s sleep pattern, and therefore my own.

When I googled it I realised that mums around the country are experiencing (believe it or not) high levels of anxiety over this little thing called “daylight saving time”. The organised mums out there actually suggest making baby’s bedtime 15 minutes later every day for the 4 days prior to the time change (!). *serious eye roll*

I must admit it’s never really bothered me or something I’ve thought much about (until now). I’m was a great believer that when the clocks change you should just accept it as that time straight away and not faff about saying “so it’s 6pm now but really it’s 7pm”.

But I woke up this morning, popped the tv on and the weather man was telling me it was good news this weekend as “we all get an extra hour in bed”. I’m pretty sure that won’t be the case for me, or indeed any parent of babies or toddlers.

I’m not expecting anything positive to come from the clocks going back. In fact I’m expecting Daylight Saving Time to ruin my day. It’s always best to plan for the worst and hope for the best, right? Realistically it’ll take us a few days to re-adjust and her routine might be slightly off.

Best case scenario, by some fluke of nature, Annie could wake up an hour later on Sunday non the wiser and her routine could magically sync with the new time. Wouldn’t that be wonderful?

Either way we’ll all be ok and I’m pretty sure there’s no need to panic (much).

What’s everybody else’s experiences of DST? Did it impact on your little ones routine?


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