A spooktacular excuse

You know you’re a mum when you swap your own elaborate Halloween costumes for your daughter’s.

As Halloween season is now in full swing I was thinking today about how differently I’m celebrating this year, in comparison to years gone by.

I’ve always loved Halloween. I love the elaborate costumes, I love the face paint and I love all the fun activities that go with the season (pumpkin carving, trick or treaters, telling ghost stories, watching scary movies).

I’ve had some pretty fabulous Halloween costumes over the years. My favourite probably has to be the time I dressed up as a prisoner in an orange jump suit and handcuffs. I washed and back combed my hair and I genuinely looked crazy, like I’d just escaped from Alcatraz . It’s probably the first and last time I’ve ever been out without blow drying my hair.

Other favourites have to be my homemade pirate costume, along with the skimpiest skirt and stripey top I’ve ever seen, and of course the year of the zombie witch, which required surprisingly very little effort.

My friends have thrown some pretty superb Halloween parties over the years too. I have such fond memories of decorating their houses for our wild parties, which I may say, were world (ok, locally) renowned.

I’m such a fan of Halloween that I’ve almost (but never quite got round to it) flown out to America to celebrate Halloween in the over top  way. They always take the holidays to a whole new level of crazy. I do feel that us British never quite do it right. We stink of mediocrity.

However, this year I have a baby and a whole new realm of Halloween fun has been opened up to me. Now I’m celebrating the season in a “family friendly” way. So less about drinking vodka jelly with eye balls, and more about finding cute Halloween outfits for my baby.

Yesterday we spent the day at the wildlife park, at their spooktacular event. As Annie is so small she was pretty much oblivious but mummy had a great time. In fact I feel pretty bad using her as an excuse to get my Halloween fix!

We wandered around the forbidden forest and met lots of scary fairytale characters along the way, we took photos with pumpkins, with ghosts in giant inflatable balls and Repunzel in her tower. Mummy had a great time. Annie was just along for the ride but she seemed happy enough.

Tomorrow we’re going to a pumpkin patch and  carving our pumpkin ready for the trick or treaters. The fun continues….

Happy Halloween everyone!


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