Nap time, me time

IMG_8838.JPGAs mums we always look forward to our baby’s day time naps. They’re those precious moments in the day where you’ve got “baby free time”. Yet often we’re not taking advantage of this free time in the right way and we’re filling it with chores. The other familiar scenario is baby napping in the car, or indeed in the pram whilst you’re taking a walk. These are great places for baby to nap but not so great for mum because technically we’re still on the go.

The problem is the guilt. The guilt and feeling like when baby is awake you need to be entertaining your baby constantly. So you leave all your chores for when baby is sleeping and rush round like a headless chicken once your baby goes down.

Now that Annie is older and a little bit more mobile I’m trying to change my behaviour. I can feel myself growing and maturing as a mum. Every day I’m learning, making progress and becoming more efficient. I’m now trying to get things done whilst she’s awake so when she does take a nap I’m able to relax and put my feet up for 10 minutes. I want to change my mind set and feel less guilty about spending fewer hours playing with her and more time letting her toddle around the house whilst I get some jobs done. Because that’s life and realistically you can’t entertain your baby every single moment of every day.

Nap times are as important to mum as they are to baby. It’s time for us mums to reboot and switch off before the next enslaught of parenting begins. Because let’s face it the rest of the time can be full on.

It seems I haven’t quite left my single, baby free life behind. I’m still a little bit selfish. I still crave the stillness, the solitude and the peace of mind. I now know what my mum meant when she told us she wanted “5 minutes peace”!

Life has changed so much in the past 9 months and in the most part I’ve accepted that life can never be as it was, but for my own sanity and wellbeing nap times will now be forever more “me time”.



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