Setting goals for the year ahead

Happy new year!

2017 was an incredible year for me. Becoming a parent for the first time was life changing. I look back at 2017 and it was a wonder of a year and I feel very proud of the journey I’ve been on and where I am now. Becoming a mother also forced me to look at my issues – my need to control everything, my inability to let things go, and all my biggest fears. At times over the past year these issues made me pretty neurotic. But I want to grow and learn to manage my issues better so I can be a better person and a more relaxed, easygoing Mum.

I think it’s important, as it’s a new year, to set my intentions for the year ahead. I’ve decided to categorise them into 3 areas: health and well being, business, personal development and love.

Health and wellbeing

1. Slow down and make space to receive. This is one of my big, big life lessons: I’ve learned that if I don’t look after myself, in the end, my body suffers and I become ill/ run down. Yes I’m a mummy but I need to balance my giving with receiving and my output with my input – guilt free. So first action is to book a spa day with my friends to pamper myself and have some baby free time.

2. Make an effort to feel pretty again; for me. I wear lounge wear 7 days a week and almost never put on make-up. I’ve forgotten what it’s like to make an effort! I’d like to get back to feeling more like myself, or at least not wear pyjamas every damn day.

Personal development and love

3. Ask for help and let go of guilt. Having a baby has taught me I can’t do everything myself and it’s ok to ask for help sometimes. What stops me asking for help is the guilt. I feel bad for burdening others. This year I want to let go of the guilt and ask for help when I need it. Because the people I ask for help love me and would happily help me if needed.

4. Invest in my friendships. My friendships are important to me. Now that I’m venturing back into the world of work, and so are most of my new mummy friends, life will become busy and there will be less time for seeing friends, but it’s a priority for me to maintain good healthy friendships with those people in my life.

4. Release resentment and anger towards those people who’ve hurt me. This year I refuse to be weighed down by people in my past who’ve hurt me and I don’t want to waste any energy on the negative. So I’m letting go.

5. Keep the last two hours of the day phone and work free. Usually the last thing I do before going to bed is check my email/ website/social media. Now that Annie is a little more settled in the evenings (I say tentatively) I want to make my evenings enjoyable again. So no phones after 9.30pm. Instead I am going to read my book (yes – get back to reading!) and write my journal. Hopefully this will allow me to relax a little more and sleep more soundly (when Annie allows me to). Action: As I live alone I need to have my phone in my bedroom for security but I will ensure my phone is switched to silent, left charging and not looked at after 9.30pm at night.

6. Get more organised. I used to be organised and planned everything to a ridiculous detail. Now I don’t have any time to plan, or think and everything is in my head or scribbled on my chalkboard in the kitchen as a reminder. Action: to buy a snazzy family calendar so we know what we’re doing day to day and I can schedule enough “free time” to get stuff done.


7. Write more. My blog has gone by the wasteside lately. But I’m determined to write more and find time in every week to write a new blog, regardless of what’s going on in my life and how busy I am.

8. Launch new website – this new website is critical to being able to launch my new business. It will eventually replace the myannieandme website, as it will have better functionality for when I’m ready to sell boxes.

9. Get more structured. Now that Annie is starting nursery I’ll have more time and I need to structure that time more productively so I don’t run round like a headless chicken. I need to prioritise business stuff big time!

And that’s it.

I’m printing my list now so I can connect back to it again and again and remind myself to ACTION.

Some things are easy to do. Other things, like releasing resentment toward people who have hurt me is abstract and requires emotional work and me remembering to connect back to a place of love whenever my mind drops back into that negativity. Annie will give me the strength to do that.

Everything is a work in progress. I am always evolving, growing, learning. Here’s to a happy and healthy 2018.


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